Computer Graphics World published an interview with director Lucio Arese about the making of Les Dieux Changeants. A monthly magazine augmented by a bi-monthly e-newsletter, Computer Graphcis World provides digital content creators in film, television, gaming, computer art, and the web with essential information on production tools and applications, as well as product news, user...
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Les Dieux Changeants has been published on TheCGBros YouTube Channel! With a 10 years history and 4 millions subscribers, TheCGBros on YouTube is one of the most important hubs for Computer Graphics Imagery from around the world featuring Indie Short films, Behind the Scenes/Making of VFX, Motion Graphic Design, Show Reels, Tutorials and many other...
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After 5 months of production, Les Dieux Changeants is published on YouTube. The statues depicted in the short film are 3d models freely downloadable from the Statens Museum of Kunst profile at MyMiniFactory. They have been created from the Royal Cast Collection of the Museum as part of SMK Open, an ongoing project focused on...
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