Taking care of every aspect of the production is a personal trademark for me, which characterized anything I’ve done since I started a career as a filmmaker back in 2008. Doing everything by yourself means a lot of work and the output is inevitably made of small digital productions, but it also gives continuous learning opportunities in every field of the audiovisual art.

In this regard, Les Dieux Changeants is a work I’m particularly proud of. It synthesizes many of the things I acquired through those years into what I feel as a more mature equilibrium. It also corresponds to a personal turning point in life with the intention to explore new creative directions for the years to come. I tried to realize this short film with a simple, essential approach, well crafted CGI and a philosophical meaning meant to be left open to free interpretation for everyone.

Moreover, this film is a contribution to publicize SMK Open, the SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst initiative to digitize their entire art collection to make it freely available for the public to use, remix and re-elaborate to create new art.

I hope to reach people to offer some hint for reflection, inspiration and provoke thoughts, as well as giving an unusual view on some of the most notable gems of Western artistic and cultural heritage.

Lucio Arese
Director and Producer